What Kind of Christmas Party-Goer Are You?
What Kind of Christmas Party-Goer Are You?

What Kind of Christmas Party-Goer Are You?

Christmas is getting closer and closer by the minute! Our homes and offices are decorated with tinsel and Christmas trees, and the fridges are fully stocked with desserts and copious amounts of food.

Soon enough there will be Christmas parties up and down the country with people geared up and ready to celebrate the holiday season. Whether it’s an office party, a get together with friends, or a full-blown holiday bonanza at your house, there will be a variety of types of people that attend.

Find out what kind of Christmas party-goer you are from our list below!

The Life of the Party

The life of the party really isn’t hard to spot. You’ll find them weaving through the crowd, mingling with everyone, letting loose and having a good time. However, rest assured that they’ll never stray too far away from the dance floor and those sick beats.

The Office Tee-totaller

That person who never drinks alcohol. They take pleasure in sitting back and watching everyone get a little bit crazy. They can then recall every embarrassing story the following day.

The Romantic

Ah, the romantic. That single person who likes to take the Christmas party an opportunity for some romance. You might find them flirting with your colleagues, but hopefully not your boss! The stars are definitely aligning for this person, and they’ll make it happen.

The Crying Drunk

There’s always a crying drunk at some stage of the night. You’ll find this person being consoled by their colleagues as they dry their tears in a corner of the room. They’ll probably take another sip of their drink and then lighten up as the night wears on.

The Dancer

Whether it’s the YMCA, Justin Bieber or just about anything else playing, this person is up on the dance floor showing off their moves. It’s likely that they’ll be the ones who encourage everyone else to get up and dance as the evening wears on!


The Houdini of the group is someone who makes an appearance at a gathering but magically disappears before the party really begins. If this sounds like you, make sure you say goodbye to everyone before you leave so they don’t think that you’re rude!

The Social Butterfly

If you’ve received more than one invite for the holiday period and are planning to go to at least three of them, you are a social butterfly! Christmas is your time to shine and flutter from group to group. This is the person that makes the most out of the party either by wearing your best sparkly dress or sharpest suit, hiring a party bus or taking charge of the photography and mistletoe opportunities.


This Christmas season, make sure you have some fun – but drink responsibly and stay safe while doing so.  Whatever style of Christmas partygoer you are, make sure that you have your party bus or limo planned beforehand so that you arrive in style!

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