1 in 2 Australian workers are considering applying for a new job in 2017
1 in 2 Australian workers are considering applying for a new job in 2017

1 in 2 Australian workers are considering applying for a new job in 2017

A NEW job is on the New Year to-do list for about half of all workers – and it’s not because they’re depressed about the end of summer holidays.

About half of all Australian workers are thinking of applying for another job right now.

In a recent Survey, job board SEEK, revealed that over 50% of Australian workers are considering working somewhere else or thinking of making a complete career change.

Most (38%) are chasing a step up the career ladder through a move to another company, while 24% just want to work for a different company in a similar role.

However, 23% of workers say a career change is inspiring their January job hunt, and 39% of them intend to return to education to help them make that change.

In a similar Survey, Indeed found motivations varied, but salary was a key factor for many people. “In fact, 61% of respondents told us they would be looking for increased wages in 2016. By contrast, 37% said they were interested in a higher position or title. Meanwhile, for 45% a better location is a goal”.

It’s a good time to search for a new job

KPMG demographer Bernard Salt said the New Year was a natural time for people to contemplate a fresh start but workers also often had more time to contemplate change now than later in the year. “People are in that rush and in survival mode throughout the year. You can see the big picture when you’ve had a bit of a break,” he said.

After a drop in ads over the holiday period, the number of jobs now available has increased significantly. Trojan Recruitment Group currently has 81 available jobs across Australia. Ranging from Forklift operators to food production workers, administration positions, account mangers and structural engineers. Trojan can help jobseekers find their next role.

Be Prepared

Before jumping into applying for new positions, Jobseekers should do their homework and be clear about where their career is headed.

SEEK spokeswoman Kendra Banks said speaking with family and friends is a great way for a jobseeker to find out from others their strengths and passions. This can be very useful for those who are planning on a career change to identify an industry and job that best suits their personality and skillset to reach their full potential.

Researching companies, can help jobseekers get upfront information on employers and working conditions before applying for a job.

It’s vital that a jobseeker also refreshes their resume to ensure they’re providing prospective employers with a snapshot of their most recent and relevant roles, experiences and achievements, as well as career aspirations and salary expectations.

It’s a good time for hiring

In today’s highly competitive job market, companies across all industries sometimes find it difficult to find skilled and qualified talent. However at the moment, for employers, this surge in job seeker interest means that it’s a good time to fill those hard to fill roles and find your next perfect employee. Trojan Recruitment Group can help companies connect job seekers with their business. Whether it be temporary or permanent workers, Trojan can connect the right people with the right company.

The key for successful placements in this market is for job hunters to match up with employers that can meet their needs. If you’re already employed but want a change, now is a good time not just to look for a new job, but the right job. And even as searches surge in January, it’s important to remember that every time of the year is good for hunting for that perfect post, or candidate.

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