Start the New Year with a Fresh Perspective
Start the New Year with a Fresh Perspective

Start the New Year with a Fresh Perspective

Going back to work after the holidays can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of spending the rest of this first week back complaining with your co-workers, use this time to get a fresh new perspective on your place within the organisation.

The new year marks the perfect time to evaluate your professional position and determine if it is going in the right direction to reach your goals. The following are a few tips and ideas to help avoid pitfalls, and to add some things to the daily routine to pick up new positive habits at work.


1~ Make Goals. Sit down for a few minutes and take the time to write down both personal and professional goals that you would like to reach in 2017. Try to even compile a few steps that it will take to reach these goals and even a time frame for you to try to achieve everything in.

2~ Time Management. Make this a year of balance by trying to leave the office on time, allowing you enough hours to spend quality time with family and friends. Having the correct balance in life can keep you healthier and help avoid professional burnout.

3~ Start Out Positive. Having a good day at the office can be obtained more easily by getting some motivation every morning. Try to do something each morning that helps inspire you. This can be done by spending time over breakfast with your kids, enjoying a quiet cup of coffee, or fitting in a short walk before heading to the office.

4~ Prioritise Projects. Try to stay focused on the projects that are most crucial at the office. This will keep your mind on task, allowing you to finish projects on time. You can always go back later and complete the smaller tasks.


1~ Don’t Compare Yourself. Instead of becoming bitter toward a colleague for getting a promotion, take notes on how you can improve your own professional performance. By doing this you will stop looking backwards, and become better at your job.

2~ Complain. Complaining about your demanding clients or boss will not change your situation. Instead complaining wastes energy and takes valuable time that could be spent moving forward. Teach yourself to adapt to difficult people and situations. A simple attitude change can instantly improve a situation and ease your frustrations, making your much more productive.

3~ Be Prompt. Stop running late to meetings, or even just arriving late to work. Bosses are watching, and this act can give you an unprofessional reputation. No matter how busy your morning is, make it your first priority to always be on time.

By starting the New Year off with better habits and a positive attitude, you could have the most productive professional year to date.

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