The Most Unique and Unusual Company Perks
The Most Unique and Unusual Company Perks

The Most Unique and Unusual Company Perks

In a period characterised by high competition for talent, Australian employers are looking for new ways to attract and retain top talent to their organisations.

While paying for top talent is important, studies consistently show that money isn’t the only thing that makes people happy at work. The savviest companies today have figured out that offering unique and unusual benefits / perks can help them get, and keep, the very best employees.

And as many of us know, “A happy employee is a motivated, loyal and productive one”.

It’s much easier for workers to get out of bed and come to work when they know that they are cared for and appreciated by their employer.

Here are some impressive perks offered by large and small businesses across the country and internationally.

  1. MEGA Offices
    Free food, a bowling alley, bocce courts, bikes, internal slides between floors, sleep pods, onsite cafes, gym, barber shop, a massage parlour, and a laundromat. There’s a reason Google has been ranked No. 1 on Fortune magazine’s list of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ each of the past three years. The company has incredible offices around the world that offers not only a great place to work but some incredible benefits.
  2. Total Wellness
    Whilst many companies may not have on-staff physicians as Google does, they may offer employees  services to help with both physical and mental wellness. From monthly in-chair massages, to nutritional food (breakfasts, lunches and snacks), yoga classes, meditation classes and free gym membership.
  3. Continuing education
    Higher education is undoubtedly valuable to any employee, but it’s a privilege that not everyone can afford. Whilst many large organisations can offer to cover the full tuition smaller companies may offer ways to invest in their employers with part payment coverage of tuition fees.
  4. No official work hours
    What 9 to 5? At Netflix’s California headquarters, vacation days and work hours aren’t tracked. The company only measures what people get done – so, if employees do their work, it doesn’t matter when or for how long they’re in the office. But Netflix’s staff members know better than to slack off: Abusing this policy gets you a one-way ticket out the door.
  5. Pawternity leave
    Australia is a nation of dog lovers, so it’s only natural that some workplaces have started offering pawternity leave to help new pet parents settle in their pups. Many companies also let staff bring their dog to the office as they find it can boost overall morale and improve working conditions.
  6. Surf Breaks
    Instead of twiddling your thumbs and wasting time on Facebook, why not spend your downtime at work catching a few waves during work hours? Beach side employers see the benefit in giving their staff time to duck out to catch a few sets when the waves are pumping, as they are more focused and ready to work when they get back to their desk.
  7. Concierge Service
    Don’t have time to pick up the dry cleaning, or take the car to the mechanic for a service. Companies now offer employees services to make life easier including home cleaning services, running errands or even to collect the groceries.
  8. Volunteer hours
    Millennials are known for their social consciousness, and numerous studies have shown that this generation values brands and employers that emphasise doing good in the world. Many companies give their employees paid time off and/or flexible work hours to engage in volunteer projects.

Whilst not all organisations can offer expensive and luxurious perks, sometimes it is the smallest of gestures that will make the largest and most positive effect.

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