Why recruiting in December can give your company a competitive edge
Why recruiting in December can give your company a competitive edge

Why recruiting in December can give your company a competitive edge

December. Also known as the silly season. Full of Christmas parties and for many companies it is a time to wind down and bring the year to a natural close. However the end of the year is also a time where many individuals are re-evaluating their current work and life situation and planning for the future.

December presents a great opportunity for businesses to recruit high calibre talent and get a head start and gain a competitive advantage over the competition for starting 2019 with a bang.

Here are some reasons why December is a powerful time to recruit.

Social Media peaks in December

December is a very active month on Social Media! With numerous work parties and social events photos to share, there will be a heightened level of activity at this time. With over 10 million members using LinkedIn in Australia alone, there is a real opportunity to leverage the platform to promote your employer brand and current hiring needs. While there are many consumer shopping campaigns running during this period, this is also a commercial sweet spot that can help you to use seasonality to turbo charge your recruitment process.

New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is when we see the largest spike in job changes all year, which means that often December is when the decision to change is made. As the year draws to a close, it is often the time for the greatest self-analysis. Commercially savvy employers will prepare for this inevitable feeling of change in candidates minds and start marketing themselves to candidates well before January arrives.

Less Competition

Many businesses will be looking forward to the end of the year with delight and will not be thinking about recruitment as a priority. Those that focus efforts in December will likely have first pick of the top talent!


The best time to recruit is when others are idle and when the candidates are most available and receptive, and December fits that description. Seize the opportunity and take advantage of the idleness of others by beginning your winter recruiting campaign today.

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